Tonight I am smoking French Bread from London Caviar, I am loving this skunk from London Caviar. Everything is high quality and reasonably priced and I am not just saying because I’m being polite it really is. London Caviar make these reviews easy.

French Bread is another lovely strain. it almost smells like flowers very strong nice smelling flowers. It tastes fresh, a little bit earthy but in a really good way and it is surprisingly potent, I am stoned as fuck and I have only had half of a spliff.

Everything I have smoked from London Caviar so far has been expertly grown and cured and very high quality to a professional level. What strain to try first really depends on what you like. I recommend that you try a few different ones because there is so much difference in the flavors and even the effects vary.

French Bread is a good one to relax to with some tunes on. Its a bit of a creeper one minute I was fine next thing I can remember I’m stoned as fuck and feeling a little paranoid. It really is very strong, I definitely recommend French Bread.