Today I am smoking Tangie from LONDONCAVIAR (who can be found on Instagram and contacted on wkr Ldn247.) Tangie has a very citrusy fresh smell to it even when smoking. As usual it is obvious that it was grown by by people that know what they are doing. It is perfectly grown and cured and ready to smoke. The taste is lovely and the smoke is thick but has a real sweat citrusy taste to it and its pretty potent.

Yesterday was the first time I had ever tried Tangie and it is a unique skunk, its very rare skunk tastes this good, it has a very nice and distinctive flavor to it. The buzz is a nice chill out buzz its relaxing and comes without paranoia probably not as intense as Hawaiian Snow (another great weed from London Caviar which I highly recommend) the buzz to Hawaiian Snow just kept getting more and more intense as time slowly passed.

I really like this strain for its unique taste and relaxing buzz, its hard to say what’s better Hawaiian Snow or Tangie it comes down to what you like or occasion.