In the last couple of months I have received 3 strikes from YouTube this lead to two separate two week bans from uploading or even posting on YouTube.

That was not enough for the human trafficker protecting control freaks at Google, they also seen it necessary to remove loads of subscribers to my channel and I have also noticed that the like bars on my videos are shrinking. This could just be Google fucking about with my stats or it could be a sign control freaks are going around YouTube shutting down numerous channels. When a channel is removed so are the likes and interactions that the channel made disappear as well.

Google have decided that you are not allowed to like or even watch me speak my opinion, this is mainly due to me not being backed up by money and because I do not promote or support their fucked agendas, movements and ideas.

This political censorship and political correctness Google and other corporations (like Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft) are using as an excuse to give themselves the power of being the internet police is nothing more than an excuse and a weak one at that.

Was the world a safer place before this censorship began?