I was only six years of when Maradona scored two famous world cup goals against England in the quarter finals of the 1986 world cup. I do not remember watching the match live but I do remember the hate that Maradona would later receive.

Some people in England still hold a grudge, they act like England have never had a fortunate decision go their way and like England would never cheat.

Peter Shilton holds a grudge but wasn’t Peter Shilton later accused of match fixing as well as other scandals ? I’m not judging or holding a grudge against Peter Shilton, I’m just saying we are all only human, Maradona was no worse than any England player.

I have seen Paul Scholes dive for a penalty (it failed,) Peter Crouch rip somebodies dreadlocks out while heading in a goal that was allowed, Michael Owen being awarded a penalty for falling over himself and Paul Gascoigne come close to ending many careers with crazy tackles.

Fuck the (mainly English) haters Diego Maradona is probably the greatest player that ever lived with the greatest individual performance ever seen at a world cup, a true legend. RIP.