I might have actually paid for this sponsorship!

This is another work story, another story of struggling to collect money that I am owed. I have been a self employed plasterer most of my life and being a self employed plasterer or builder of any description, you know the irritating feeling we get when people begin to negotiate the price of the job after the job is done.

Most people let u do the job and will then happily pay their bill. In fact until last year I had hardly ever had a problem collecting payment. Then I started for Mansell Finishes, Mansell Finishes owed a lot of people a lot of money, they still owe me a couple of weeks work to this day but I thought fuck them and I walked away.

That is when I started for a plasterer I wont mention by name, We done a 4 bedroom house and had many problems but still he recommended us to his mate Michael Thomas Plastering to plaster a house on a SJ ROBERTS job.

Michael Thomas Plastering based in Shrewsbury is a joke. It was a Wednesday and Michael Thomas informs us we can start on Thursday “the house is ready” he insists. We get to the job and the house is NOWHERE near ready plus it is among the worst built houses I have EVER seen (and I have in the past worked for Persimmon Homes.)

The boarding looks like children have been playing its flapping because it is loose because it has not been screwed right. There is a mix and matched of old materials used that were found on the job so the walls all have different boards. Most of it was not ready and I could not start the job. I wish I just said “fuck off” on this day and didn’t come back.

But we are assured that it will be ready no later than Monday, Monday comes and its still not ready. We finally get there Wednesday morning to start. The houses have not been cleaned out for us and they are dangerous to work in so we clean them out (should already be done it is dangerous to work in conditions like that)

Most of it is now ready but we still have a few things to fix before we can even start and the workmanship is not great (its worst I have seen.)

We are halfway through the job and Michael Thomas comes out to have a look and asks us to finish the job as well as “tidy up” a few bits. The week before the lockdown we finish the job and had supposed to be paid £2500. Michael tells us they wont release the money until we “patch” the rough bits on the walls. Trouble is there is a lockdown so we cannot get there to do it, we wait until the lockdown is finished.

I go and put it right, I call the site agent when I have finished he points out a few little bits which I finish for him. I even said I would go back if there is anything else but only after I have received half of the 2500 payment, I suggest pencil marking what he sees, in plastering certain light especially sunlight can show things that are not visible in weaker lights.

I don’t hear anything else until a couple of days before the £2500 payment is supposed to go in. I get a message telling me that only £1300 will be paid! This is apparently due to the fact they got in another plasterer and he charged them £1300 plus £500 as far as I can gather. WTF?

Michael Thomas who on the 5th June (same day my money was paid) began a sponsorship deal with the Shrewsbury Falcons football team. go Falcons! Told me he books in every other Friday before we start the job by the time we finished the job he informs me that SJ ROBERTS (a bunch of idiots that I would not trust to build me a dog kennel) owe him over £20000 and are holding back payment. I don’t know or care who is to blame here but I do know that if this money is not in my bank asap this post will be shared and expanded on.

Michael Thomas claims the job we left was not good enough, I have been plastering since I was 16, I am not saying that I left this job perfect because I did not.. However I was so shocked by how bad the workmanship was on this SJ ROBERTS job I took pictures! I took these pictures to cover myself in case I had a problem with payment later.

These pictures show the standard of boarding that Michael Thomas and Alan Cound (a Site agent for SJ ROBERTS) had passed as ready for us to skim on!

They are not the best quality pictures but I do believe they show how bad the workmanship of SJ ROBERTS is. If I begin working on a job and this is what I am working on then it will never be perfect work left. My job was to skim so I did as I was told now SJ ROBERTS and Michael Thomas expect me to pay for this BULLSHIT.. Well I might but if I do, I will just carry on writing instead.