Surprise Surprise! Britain have decided that a form of global Nazism is the best way to respond to the “Covid 19 crises!”

David Icke is now another banned YouTuber, over 10 years of work deleted by a group of dangerous fascist wannabe dictators. Google and Facebook are both controlled by Rich Zionist Racists that hate anybody that is not a Rich Zionist Racist being heard.

This is worse than Nazi Germany, 68 year old individuals being forced in to silence for simply criticizing/questioning authority.

This is desperate, it is a desperate reaction performed by puppets to protect globalist psychopaths that claim to be our hierarchy and to have been given a “God given right to rule over the many” yet they’re terrified of a single person.

Snowflakes? Over sensitive do gooders? Or just control freaks, whatever they are they need to be stopped before we end up in a full blown police state and lose our right to travel, work and live our lives the way we want to live our lives… Oh wait we already have!