To be honest I have stopped watching the “news” the last few days, why? Because I am sick of listening and watching bullshit, fear mongering, propaganda, fake smiling and more bullshit that the general election brings. The general election of 2015 so far has been a pointless, barrage of insults, stats and promises that the political parties are not even legally obligated to follow upon if they should win the election. The truth is it doesn’t matter who wins, we have no real choice, the four main parties are pretty much the same, they may slightly differ in policies, they cut a bit here and raise a bit there but they have a lot more in common with each other than they like to admit.

All four parties support Israel despite blatant war crimes and terror acts that our government claim to be against yet none of the four parties will condemn the Israeli governments actions, all four parties are elitist parties they are funded for by the rich and therefore they work for the rich, all four parties say they plan to cut the deficit yet none of the parties talk about addressing how the fuck Britain gets itself into one and half trillion pound debt in the first place, either Britain is being seriously ripped off or extremely poorly governed or both. “Its Labours fault” the Conservatives claimed “It’s the Tories” Labour respond, for a change they are both right. All four parties were involved in the MPs expenses scandal, Nigel Farage claimed two million in one year alone, David Cameron paid for a second home on his expenses and Nick Clegg paid for garden maintenance on his expenses and he actually spent £84000 in expenses in four years on his second home alone, these scandals were “all within the rules” but were they within the law? Despite scandals like this all four parties scrutinize benefit claimers and punish them with prison for over-claiming. None of the parties are talking about getting tough on the banks with regulation, Labour have mentioned it but Labour also began the bank bailout and failed to enforce more regulation as part of the terms of the bailout, not that the Tories would have enforced more regulation because according to David Cameron “over regulating the banks could affect their performance!” HELLO DAVID CAMERON, PLANET EARTH CALLING, THE BANKS GREED, LACK OF REGULATION AND POOR PERFORMANCE IS WHAT LEAD TO THEM NEEDING A BAIL OUT IN THE FIRST PLACE.

No mention of corporate tax avoidance, all of the big four address corporate tax evasion as a minor problem despite the fact that corporate tax evasion costs Britain’s government billions of pounds every year. They all support the war on terror but again they fail to address real issues, the British and American governments have left Libya in such a state that Libyans are risking their lives and their families’ lives to flee the country, would Libya be in this condition if Gaddafi was still ruling? Britain, Israel and America are fuelling the ISIS fire and if Libya, Iraq, Iran, Syria and other Muslim nations do have religious extremist groups looking to recruit frustrated and angry young men, surely our aggressive, imperialistic, war mongering tactics are making it much easier for these religious extremist groups to recruit.

The election is being fought with gimmicks, propaganda and insults. Important subjects are barely discussed and fresh ideas are non-existent, Green party do offer an apparent alternative but unfortunately for them and many of the lesser known parties they do not have corporate media behind them printing one sided, propaganda, some of the British media acts like a Conservative Party Public Relation Agency with the propaganda they print.



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