Anybody that has been following my recent posts will probably know that I have recently started work for a company called Mansell Finishes Limited on a Galliford Try job plastering the HMRC’s new £650 million plus HQ. And what a disaster that turned out to be. I am not going to go in to too much detail because I have already done so on a blog I wrote last month. So to cut a long short while working for Mansell Finishes I witness exploitation and refusal to pay many of their self employed staff (many of whom are foreign and most likely already underpaid.)

Galliford Try have posters all over the canteen insisting that if we witness modern day slavery or exploitation we should report. So I did. In my time working for Mansell they ripped me off £2000, I got away lightly as some people were owed closer to £20000 and they appeared getting nowhere in their quest to get it back.

I decide that morally this is wrong and I blog it, these people have families, kids and bills and if I can stop even just one person from making the same mistake I made I will at least try to do it.

Mansell did not take kindly to the blogs though, not only have they ruled out paying me they also now claim that my work was not up to standard despite employing me for 3 months and me walking out on them not them finishing me. They can try to use my work as an excuse not to pay but what about the other 60, 70 men who were not paid? Were they all rubbish as well or are Mansell Finishes Limited run by parasites?

I posted these blogs a few weeks ago and sent them to Mansell Finishes office and I was ignored until today! Today I received a phone call from a little brown nosed ass licker that’s works for Mansell as a “site manager” and when I say site manager I mean he runs about the job like a headless chicken constantly claiming daywork will be paid but the refusing to pay it because greedy, slimy parasites above him don’t want to pay it.

His name is Reece and he is upset to the point where he actually threatens to kill me and then puts down the phone. I call him back and eventually he picks up his phone. I tell I’m just telling the truth.

He now denies threatening to kill me so unlike him I will put my words down here for all to read and not to be denied later. The following is not a threat it is a promise.

I can and will make your lives a Tony Blair, I can and will say whatever the fuck I want and sending me threats is like rattling the cage.

Mansell Finishes are thieves, any excuse not to pay, some people might think its alright to ignore them and make excuses for them because they are paid by them but this shit is all to common of a problem for any self employed person. Like I say people have kids and bills to pay. If Mansell do not pay me what they owe and the others I have mentioned to them I can write blogs like this exposing them for what they are quite regularly. As for Reece threatening to kill me come next pay day he will probably have another 50 or so people threatening to kill him, it could be why he threatens me, its just a normal if reversed conversation for Reece.

The screenshot below is proof that “every one has been shorted man” little did I know at this point that every one is shorted on every pay day. Due to many threats received from many people that have not been paid by Mansell Reece would regularly change his phone number but I have saved all conversations from all the phone numbers he had at that time.

The image below shows a very small amount of the deliberate damage done by people that were not paid for the work they had done for Mansell on this £650 million pound project. We were told to repair the damage but was obviously never paid for it.