Hello my name is Steve Green, I work for Mansell Finishes Limited. We are currently working on the new HMRC headquarters in Birmingham City Centre for Galliford Try. A £650 million project.

I was appointed to the board as Contracts Director in October 2014. Acting as the main company lead on all projects, I have sole responsibility for operational and construction performance. In addition, I head up the contracts team to procure and plan all labour requirements, ensure all project procedures are adhered to and performance equality criteria are achieved.

At Mansell Finishes Limited we employ many foreign workers, it helps keep the cost of labour down. To keep cost down even more I take advantage of my staff, I don’t pay people for doing their jobs, I give no consideration to their families or their situations.

I think I may be a little bit psychotic as I feel no way or shame in stealing from people that do jobs that I am not capable of doing. In fact there are times that I just simply flat out refuse to pay 40 to 60 members of my self employed tradesmen.

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