I recently have made a series of vlogs and blogs explaining and exposing Google’s connection to paedophile rings and child sex traffickers! The videos are on my YouTube channel to be viewed, I predicted in these videos they will remove subs and may even close my channel due to this exposure and I stated that they are ALWAYS removing subs from my channel. Many people have informed me that this is what they do.

It is therefore no surprise to me that they have again removed subscribers from my channel and this time I can prove it with screenshots. 10 subs removed in 3 days and no new subs counted. All I am doing is amplifying the stories of victims and allegations made against Google by their own shareholders.

NONE of the allegations are from me, Google are silencing victims of Child sex trafficking to protect powerful and rich pedophile rings and silencing all exposure.

From now on I will keep a record of everytime they remove subscibers from my channel in order to please and protect rich paedophile rapists and human traffickers.

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