I am a researcher, video maker and YouTuber. I love the idea of YouTube and for my money there is better stuff on YouTube than there is on Netflix, Now TV and Amazon. Its hard to find because Google would rather you watch some mainstream corporate made junk with their ads all over it but if you look you shall find.

I have spent much of the last few years researching historical sex abuse and elitist child sex trafficking rings.

What I research is dark and scary but the darkest and scariest thing about it is Google! I have noticed that ALL these videos are hidden away from the masses, out of sight. Google are literally CENSORING victims of child sex trafficking and abuse! What evidence do I have?

I have noticed not only with my own videos on the subject but with other peoples work as well, the evidence is the contributors and uploaders look at their view counts compared to their subs. Look how many YouTubers have been shut down and removed from the platform (same as Facebook) what are you hiding Google? And who is paying you to hide it?

Easy to answer by looking at who they censor! They are hiding criticism of the Zionist and fascist state of Israel and the genocide of the Palestinians. So they hide MURDER.

They are also hiding information about elitist child sex traffickers who they seem to be working for. They are attacking channels that expose these traffickers (including my own) and shadow banning YouTubers that have the nerve to say something that these psychopathic Zionist puppets don’t like and they get paid to do so in tax breaks.

Google are extremists and terrorists! They hide information from nations they do not even operate from and pay less than 1% tax in the UK. They work for and protect child sex traffickers by shutting down information that exposes the truth to the masses and they protect war criminals in Israel, USA and the UK.

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