Today I am smoking Spanish Amnesia Haze from LONDONCAVIAR.

WICKR: Ldn247

Like all the weed @ LONDONCAVIAR this Spanish Amnesia Haze is very well grown and as I open the bag I am hit with a very strong, zesty and fresh smell.

Amnesia Haze is always a strong strain that will help you sleep, relax and chil. It also gives me the munchies sweets, chocolate and all sorts of junk food become irresistible.

Spanish Amnesia Haze is a strong smoke and £25 for an eight is great value.

Its creates a nice thick smoke its hazy and very skunky (if you know what I mean) it reminds me of a more traditional skunk with an hint of haze and zest.

I recommend this if you struggle to sleep or relax its a very relaxing strain and very strong.

Like all the products that I have tried from London caviar this a great quality product and great value for money as well. I highly recommend this trust worthy vendor full menu link below.

LondonCaviar FULL MENU

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