Today I am smoking bloodline. I have never tried this strain before but just looking at the crystals and smelling the STRONG but sweet smell that comes from it, its obvious this is perfectly grown. The buds are dense bone dry but its still sticky to touch!

When I smoke it (just going to have a few hits to remind me) I’m getting a very nice sweet taste it reminds me of some bubblegum I smoked once in Amsterdam, the smoke is thick and there is a hint of cheese to it as well as a little hazy, it tickles the throat nicely without being harsh at all.

Right now as I write this and after taking a few huge hits to sample it properly I feel great, no paranoia, relaxed, happy and very chilled out. I love it! Its one of those deep thinking ones sometimes they can cause paranoia but this is uplifting and happier one.

You might want to save this one for night though as it is potent in the wrong situation it could cause a little anxiety to some people, I would say this is an experience smoker strain due to its potency. Probably great for reducing pain arthritis or joint pain and reducing blood pressure . .

This is as good and as high quality as skunk gets and its great value for money a MUST BUY you will honestly 100% no doubt love it.

LondonCaviar FULL MENU

Bloodline from LONDONCAVIAR as good as skunk gets.

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