Today I am smoking Lemon skunk from London Cavior.

WICKR: Ldn247

Upon cutting the bag open I am hit with this insanely strong and nice zesty and sweet, fruity smell. I knew as soon as I opened the bag that this was going to be a nice smoke.

The buds are nice and compact and the crystals are huge it is obvious that this is well grown skunk.

When smoking it has a very zesty and citrus taste to it hence Lemon Skunk.
I’m getting a very nice a hint of haziness as well. THIS IS A MUST TRY.

This is a potent but not a stare in to empty space strain of weed. It is actually energizing, super relaxing and uplifting strain. Its not going to ruin your day or send you in to fits of paranoia.

I love this strain it is definitely among one of my very favorites. LONDONCAVIAR is an highly recommended, trustworthy vendor with many very positive reviews on Reddit and I can see why.

LondonCaviar FULL MENU


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