Health Secretary Matt Hancock has hit out at ‘fake news’ about the safety of vaccinations as he refused to rule out keeping children out of school without the jabs. The number of people receiving vaccinations dropped for the fourth year despite the number of cases trebling in 2018. Mr Hancock blamed inaccurate social media posts and said he ‘wouldn’t rule anything out’ when questioned on the matter on talkRadio. Experts have said that it would be an extreme solution to the problem and could fuel the anti-vaxx movement. Mr Hancock said: ‘I’m very very worried about this. It’s a responsibility on everybody to get vaccinated. It’s good for you and your family, but it’s also good for your neighbour.’ If the England and Wales were to ban children from schools it could echo French policies where pupils aren’t allowed into state schools or nurseries unless they have all their vaccinations. A similar policy exists in the US for children without MMR jabs.

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A few questions!

Who the FUCK is Matt Hancock ? What the fuck does he know about the safety of vaccines? What right does he have questioning parents decisions when there are PLENTY of children that have suffered negative effects and illnesses from vaccinations.

If they was REALLY concerned about our health surely they would just treat us when we need treatment and not when we don’t instead of the other way around.

To pro vaxxers (whom regularly dismiss us anti vaxxers as stupid) think about this; Pharmaceutical Corporations make a killing selling these vaccinations to the NHS at a massive profit and on a gigantic scale, WAKE THE FUCK UP SUCKERZ.

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