Yesterday YouTube disabled my channel from uploading long videos, they also removed my latest video due to a song called Zadok the Priest by George Handel. The song is 288 years old and would surely be in the public domain yet Sony believe they own the rights and YouTube owned by Google believe them!

I have now been censored and attacked by nearly EVERY online business that I have used. YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, Blip TV, and an endless list other online services that are nowadays an essential tool to practice freedom of speech and expression, yet they are ALL being censored in order to protect silly, dangerous and racist agenda’s like Zionism and hierarchy bloodlines like the Rothchild’s, the inbreed monarchs and their puppets which includes Google owners Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg and Rupurt Murdoch to name but a few.

Youtube are also refusing to pay me on videos that I own the copyright despite make potentially hundreds of thousands of pounds from my work with ad links! So far 16 million views on YouTube pays me less then $200. I know that I am not the only victim of this unfair political censorship but that fails to make it any less frustrating.




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