The email reads


Thank you for applying to the YouTube Partner Programme. To evaluate your application, our team carefully reviewed your channel WOLVOMAN80. Unfortunately we found that your application does not meet our YouTube Partner Programme policies so we cannot approve your channel for monetisation at this time.

We have policies in place that we believe support a healthy environment for advertisers, creators and users, which means sometimes making difficult decisions like this one. Please go to your monetisation page to read more about the specific policy that our specialists flagged for your channel.

If you adjust the content on your channel, please consider re-applying. You can re-apply to the YouTube Partner Programme in 30 days.

What this means for your channel

Whilst you cannot monetise as a result of this, you still have access to most other creator features, and can:

Upload videos
Edit or delete your videos
Communicate with your audience
There is no change to how your videos are promoted in our Search and Recommendation systems.

How to re-apply

We want you to have a chance to monetise, but to do that you will need to make some adjustments to your channel.

If you want to re-apply, you should start by going to the monetisation page to read more about the policy that your channel violated. Then review your videos against our YouTube Partner Programme policies and our Community Guidelines. The next step is to edit or delete any videos that violate our policies. Please also note that standard YPP eligibility criteria of 4,000 public watch hours and 1,000 subscribers will continue to apply here also.

In 30 days you’ll see the option to re-apply on the monetisation page. If you re-apply, we will carefully look over your channel again and we will email you to let you know as soon as the process is complete. You can also check the status of your application on the monetisation page.

  • The YouTube Team

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