As you probably already know I am very interested in politics but this general election is boring, not enough T.V debates, has anyone else noticed that the politicians seem reluctant to engage with members of public? I think they are starting to realize that the only people that take them seriously and still respect British politics and politicians are the ignorant, the stupid and the old and that is mainly due to the fact that older people tend to not be online and therefore they are restricted to the biased mainstream media for information and looking at the mainstream media for information usually leads to reading government approved propaganda.

The rest of us are living in the age of information, we can learn almost anything we want without leaving our living rooms this is bad news for the political elite. Anyone that cares enough to read or learn about the way our government work, can now do it, we know who funds them and therefore who they represent and protect. We know the media is not telling us the truth they are biased and financially and political motivated. That’s why I believe that some politicians have chosen not to interact with unpredictable members of the public for this general election.


I think David Cameron is scared to face people, he posts an Easter message we can not comment on the video and we can not like or dislike the video, why? Because David Cameron does not want to overwhelm and fill his YouTube channel with messages of support? Or because David Cameron does not want to read message after message of abuse and anger aimed at him? I believe it is probably the latter, in fact I would put my life on it! Politicians claim that they want “the people” to be involved in politics, yet they push for internet censorship and anyone that disagrees with them are labelled as “potentially dangerous” leading me to believe they do not want us involved in politics at all, they want us to work, pay taxes, fight wars when they need us and be occupied with family, work, money, T.V, sport, fashion and therefore too busy to think about the governments foreign policy, corporate corruption and freedom of speech.

Video posted a couple of hours ago shows David Cameron bravely shit himself.


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