The Image above is a screenshot from my YouTube channel. Recently Google have decided that my channel is not advertiser friendly and therefore not suitable for monetization which means I can not get paid for the views my channel generates.

The image above shows I have NO COPYRIGHT STRIKES and therefore surely there is NO REASON not to pay me. Yet still no payment as Google refuse to place their parasitic corporate ads on my videos.

Anybody that knows me or follows me on YouTube or Facebook (before Facebook shut my account and then locked me out of my second account that I set up as a result of having my first account shutdown) will have probably heard me moan and complain about the blatant oppression and censorship a few times before.

This is Google taking money from me and my children to feed their big, fat, greedy shareholders and to please and protect corrupt governments such as the child raping, war mongering Conservative Party in the UK who actually reward Google for doing so with huge tax breaks paid for by the masses.

I worry not though…why? Because this is the actions of a scared, desperate, clueless bunch of cowards that know and understand the end of their reign of terror is approaching.

I will update or add a new post when and if Google change their minds about my channels right to advertise. Until then FUCK YOU LARRY PAIGE, SERGEY BRIN and ERIC SCHMIDT you ugly inbreed looking Fascist pricks.







  1. Great looking website. Think you did a bunch of your very own coding.


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