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This is William Coombes. He is describing the removal of children’s bodies to the furnace, which was always on & out-of-bounds for the kids. Then Coombes very briefly describes the visit by the queen of England Elizabeth to his Kamloops Indian residential school in 1964 during her first state visit to Canada. A number of children were taken on a “picnic” with the royal couple & 10 of them were never seen again.

Kevin Annett, perhaps the most hated man on the internet, discovered & began exposing the crimes of the Indian residential schools system as a clergyman in the early 90’s. Annett has been circulating the story of the Kamloops Kidnapping for many years & has earned immense vilification. The internet is filled with pages accusing Annett of all kinds of lies & abuses. *edit – if you page down to the replies you’ll see that we at AN are on the receiving end of similar vilification for posting this video* Yet every single horror exposed by his investigations into the Canadian Genocide of Children & many more besides have been proven true by the Canadian Truth & Reconciliation Commissions findings of 2015.

The TRC was hobbled in advance by refusing any submission from survivors of the IRS who accused anyone directly of murder or child abuse but the Commission was still forced to accept that Canada, the Canadian & Catholic Churches systems & the British Crown conspired to genocide the children of Indians so as to “kill them off” & deny them the future rights to their land, some of the richest in terms of natural resources on the planet. This is a crime against humanity the truth of which is only now beginning to leak into the popular consciousness. William Coombes died not long after making his accusations against the queen to camera.

RIP William Coombes.