Like many YouTubers and bloggers I have been oppressed for years. Since making a video called Britain’s Paedophile elite that oppression seems to have worsened. My videos are invisible I can’t even find them unless I am signed in to my account or if I search the exact title. ¬†Instead of taking me to court for slander (as they would if I was lying) the British government have decided to shut me down. First they stopped me acting as self employed, then they kept me waiting 16 weeks to receive any form of support, now they’re using Google and Facebook to hide my posts.

How the powerful have fallen if panic hiding is all they have. Things are changing, the power is shifting. North Korea and the USA are making peace deals, the mainstream media is no longer as effective as it once was at manipulating the masses, England are in a semi final of a world cup. WTF? Strange days.

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