Recently (according to kick it out and the Football Association) there has been a growing amount of racial abuse at Premier league games, this season Kick it out have reported a 35% rise in racist incidents and the FA have reported that there is a 70% rise in racist incidents reported to the FA. Chelsea top the reported racist incident league and recently five of their fans were filmed refusing to let a black man enter a train as they were singing racist chants.

How the fuck can Chelsea fans be racist? The team is owned by a Russian billionaire, they have a Portuguese Manager, they are sponsored by a South Korean multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul and at least three quarters of their first team squad are foreign! This is why I have trouble comprehending racism in club football, if Chelsea were to get rid of all their foreign players and replace them with local people (like it should be) Chelsea would probably struggle to sell 500 tickets and as for TV deals with Sky and other parasitic media corporations, that would be a thing of the past.

Racist Chelsea fans (or racist fans of most premier league teams) must be very confused people, lets be honest the success of the Premier league and the top most successful teams in the Premier league is not due to the presence of homegrown talent, in fact England failed to get out of the first round of the World Cup, they have failed to get past the quarter finals in every major competition since 1996! My point is English players are mostly shit, most act like spoiled brats, the foreign players is what draws the premier leagues huge worldwide audience, so how can a fan of a football team that is three quarters foreign claim to hate foreigners so much?

The “rise in racism” that the FA are talking about is not exclusive to football most white people fail to notice but racism is everywhere, how many African, Jamaican, Asian or Muslim politicians do we see? Not many, far from a fair representation. The media attack immigrants regularly they call them scroungers when they claim benefits, they attack the way they dress with campaigns like ban the burqa and our government fund wars that kill people in countries that some British immigrants could have families or loved ones. With a racist media and racist politicians, pro war propaganda and UKIP, the rise in racism is everywhere not just in football.

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