I’m getting lots of comments recently too many to reply to them all. I have been called so many things! A prick, cretin, lazy, work shy, a racist, conspiracy theorist, a teenage minded cunt, troublemaker, arrogant, parasite, brave, mentally ill, a disgrace, a child (I’m going through the comments finding them atm.) An arse, an idiot, a clown, billy big bollocks (flattered,) a twat, a hero! a legend, a utter tit with no manners, a fucking retard, a Russian spy, autistic, honest, a liar the list is endless that was from a couple of videos (and some recent Facebook messages I received after blogging that Tommy Robinson should be freed) I have over 200 I could go on for ages.. These comments do make you ask yourself questions.

Who is right? Am I a prick? Sometimes no doubt about it. A lazy, work shy cretin? A racist? I do not like this one. A conspiracy theorist? I prefer the terms conspiracy realist or free thinker.

The truth is I’m not sure who or what I am! But that is not important is it (at least not to you.) Whats important is who the fuck are you?


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