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Normally I remove posts like this one and ban the person outright for having not read the sidebar, but I’m gonna leave this one up to make a point.

The so called “Elite”, this hidden class of secret Emperors doesn’t exist. The people in power are never there for long. At the apex of the pyramid isn’t friendly social gathering and lavish spas where naked women come and feed you grapes and blow you while you’re injected with cocaine and a group of psychic monks feed you information on the future of the stock market, it’s brutal, unfriendly competition. Everyone is a backstabbing, no-good, lying, manipulative and potentially murderous piece of shit masquerading as a human being because those are the required conditions to rise to the surface in the chaos of the market system.

This narrative of them being secret friends is a fantasy of the lower class. Ironically the upper class have a similar nightmare fantasy about the lower class conspiring against them too, and for good reason. In reality the pyramid looks more like a writing pile of struggling bodies all grasping for the top and trying to knock whoever’s there off their spot.

Now to finish, this subreddit isn’t for discussing wild conspiracy theories or promoting your own stupid website, it’s for discussion of the Bavarian Illuminati and their inspired works and ideas, not this modern day perversion the conspiracy theorists throw around.

Also you’re still banned… it’s only a short one though. See you soon.

SCP-1 Illuminati Moderator will next explain how censorship is just your stupid imaginations. Right after he has banned a few more people he disagrees with. PRICK. Lucky for me I hate reddit and see it for what it is, the most censored and controlled flow of government and corporate approved propaganda online.

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