Recently the BBC decided to sack Jeremy Clarkson for an apparent assault on a fellow BBC worker over hot food or a steak depending on what report and what newspaper you read. The seemingly straight forward decision to sack Jeremy Clarkson over his uglier, lankier and slightly less feminine Mariah Carey type tantrum has outraged over one million idiots including Jeremy Clarkson’s mate David Cameron!

Over one million people have now taken time out of their lives to sign a “reinstate Jeremy Clarkson Petition!” Jeremy Clarkson is a man that in 2011 claimed Ā that “striking public sector workers should be shot!” I believe people in Argentina have about the right idea, throw stonesĀ at him and chase him and his super rich friends out of the fucking country.

I believe the list of people that have signed theĀ “reinstate Jeremy Clarkson Petition” would probably be similar to a list of lowest I.Q’s in Britain! One million Sun and Daily Mail readers? The same people that criticized and threw the book at rioters years before. has many important petitions and good ideas some of these petitions could genuinely help change the world for the better but instead of this is being used to get a violent, spoiled millionaire brat that acts like a Tory PR officer, his job back.


When you idiotic, News Corp propaganda reading morons are signing meaningless bullshit petitions for a man who’s actions deserves his punishment, why don’t you sign aĀ useful and worthwhile petition before you log out of If a normal working class person assaults staff or work colleagues they wouldĀ be sacked and maybe even imprisoned, so why do over one million people believe that Jeremy Clarkson should be treated different? I can not see no logical reason at all.

Below is a list of actually worthwhile changes that do not manage to generate anywhere near the same level of support as Clarkson despite the petitions being much more constructive and important than that TWAT.


David Cameron: Take part in the leaders TV debates

Theresa May: End the detention of women who seek asylum

Boris Johnson: Put our homes before profit

Tell John Lewis to pay cleaners the living wage!

.@David_Cameron + @HassanRouhani Bring my sister home #FreeGhonchehGhavami

British Airways: Stop selling trips to SeaWorld. End your support for these cruel orca circuses.

Theresa May: Tighten laws for convicted paedophiles to protect the victim

.@AmazonUK: Deliver the Living Wage in 2014

David Cameron: Stop the 11% pay rise for MPs’ salaries

Theresa May, UK Home Secretary: Release Lee from Dungavel Detention back into the Glasgow community where he belongs

UK Government: Decriminalisation Of Cannabis

  1. Social services: Stop Social Services Taking The Wrong Children Away From Their Parent

    If you believe that Jeremy Clarkson is more important than any of these then I believe that you are an idiot, sorry.