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Bill Gates is a man that many mentally enslaved idiots believe is trying to help mankind with his generosity and his charitable donations, his charities have already donated billions of pounds to sticking needles in some of the poorest people in the world, many of whom have no access to food or even clean drinking water.

In 2014 the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation donated 1 million USDĀ to a Washington state anti gun campaign seeking to expand background checks on gun sales, bringing the total amount the campaign has brought in up to nearly $6 million. This month (March 2015) Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg donated $4 million to “fight big tobacco companies,” Bill Gates was quoted as saying “Country leaders who are trying to protect their citizens should not be deterred by threats from huge tobacco companies.”

It sounds nice of him to care so much about the health of people that he is prepared to donate $4 million, I have a few questions though.

Instead of wasting money attacking tobacco companies haveĀ the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation ever considered an investigation into the side effects and dangers of vaccines? Side effects that include autism and even death!

Or instead of attacking Americans right to bare arms, why doesĀ the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation not consider donating something towards worldwide nuclear disarmament? After all we all know that one nuclear bomb is potentially more deadly and dangerous than 1 million guns.

If Bill Gates cares so much for the well being of people in oppressed nations then why have Microsoft being exposed in child labour scandals? If he cares so much why does he not force his multi-national, billionaire corporation to pay a fair price for their workers?

Reasons like these is why I have decided to set up THE ANTI BILL and MELINDA GATES and MICROSOFT FOUNDATION! This non profit organization aims to expose to the world the real facts about Bill Gates and other billionaires, the organization is new and so far consist purely of this page. The mainstream media would have you believe that these billionaires are like super hero’s, Jon Stewart even compared Bill Gates to Batman! Why do the media do this? Because Bill Gates pays them to portray him in positive manner!

THE ANTI BILL and MELINDA GATES and MICROSOFT FOUNDATION or TABAMGAMFĀ is a good cause and goes beyond just Bill Gates and Microsoft,Ā TABAMGAMF stands against the hypocrisy and greed of the worlds billionaire population. Bill Gates and many other billionaires are thought and propagated to be charitable people that feel our pain, guess what, they are not.

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