Recently I uploaded a new video to YouTube called Britain’s Paedophile elite. Google decide this video (like many of my others) is not suitable for advertisers. Google also completely fail to notify any of my subs that I have uploaded the video forcing me to share it myself. I shared it on Reddit and it gained over 100 points on only for it to disappear after I was reported for self promotion. Despite numerous reposts it fails to even come close to the first post. In fact I seem to have attracted a bunch of pro conservative wankers that are misguided enough to think that I can’t take a bit of a trolling. I have a message for you pricks demonspawn79, DaDavidLynchMob, M4d_MartiganlargePenisLover and whoever else feels the need to attack me while defending politicians that are KNOWN and in some cases PROVEN to rape children in care homes. That message is FUCK OFF you media manipulated, fast asleep sheep.

Your threats and aggression does not worry me one bit (obviously or I would not be writing this.) You might think that this is OK but the VAST MAJORITY of people do not. As for me being accused of being a conspiracy theorist just for mentioning this, this is not a theory and all of my video is backed by media reports. I would not and do not accuse random politicians for no reason, the people in this video have been exposed NUMEROUS times for their actions as explained in the video.

DaDavidLynchMob asks me to stop posting my own shit on reddit my answer to this is FUCK OFF PRICK. Do I ask you to stop sitting on your ass all day writing comments on EVERYTHING on Reddit? I don’t in fact knock yourself out and carry on you SAD lonely BASTARD. Just because you have nothing of your own ideas or creation to share does not mean that none of us do.

largePenisLover commented; Someone with mental issues made an unhinged slideshow about some pseudoscientific nonsense and narrated it. There’s thousands of these on youtube.
A thing all these video’s share is that they are way too long and that the author says something about it being an abridged version due to something external they can’t control.

You’re right largePenisLover (you know this man has a tiny penis.) I have mental issues caused by ignorant DICKS like you that believe because the Sun has not reported it it must not be true. May God forgive you for your ignorance you stupid blind fool.

M4d_Martigan (commenting on another video I made) said; Seriously dude the audio mix alone hurts my ears. You already broke rule 6 now it’s rule 7. Calm down and post this where it belongs, not here.

The audio is not great it is made on a ZERO budget unlike your corporate propaganda their politically motivated lies are 4K and their audio is perfect. Good enough to brainwash braindead sheep like you. So fuck you and suck my fucking dick whoever the fuck you are.

You see if you don’t like good you are entitled to your opinion but I don’t like Adele, Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran but I do not watch their shit just to moan about it to them when I have finished. You people must have a lot of spare time, not very active lives? Try getting a girlfriend if you can find anybody that does not instantly notice you are but a useless tosser.


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