I don’t write much on gaming despite the fact I have been a huge fan for as long as I can remember. I’m old enough remember playing pong in the 1980s but the first computer I put time in to was the Commodore 64. But my real obsession with gaming begun with the Sega Megadrive (I still love it.)

I have not been overly impressed with the 8th generation of games consoles so far but I have not played much either. Doom was cool, GTA is great (especially online,) but nothing else I have played has impressed or even felt like a eight generation game.

Last weekend the Witcher 3 was reduced from £35 to £17 I had read many reviews on it and was looking for something new. I decided to give it a chance and part myself with the money.

First thing I noticed about the Witcher 3 is the amazing graphics but after a fews days I also notice (a few) bugs. Sometimes when you die your character does not even fall and even carries on talking. The loading times are ridiculous at times, this is especially true when you are in a boss fight and getting annihilated quick. Sometimes its one minute of gameplay followed five minutes of loading over and over. The Witcher 3 also has NO online features,

The story is very deep as well, lots of story and unless you have saved it at a decent time you end up watching the same story over and over as well. Also the water and swimming in GTA 5 looks and feels better than on the Witcher 3.

Despite these faults I FUCKING love this game! The open world Witcher 3 offers is massive, full of monsters and very pretty and atmospheric. The characters that we meet are interesting sometimes funny and despite me not really being a big fan of deep stories and plots in video games I find myself watching every cut scene with huge interest.

This game is amazing, the open world feels so realistic and vivid it literally feels as real as any fantasy game can. The monsters are visually brilliant and combat is also great (unlike GTA which offer just one attack button.) For me the Witcher 3 IS the best I have ever played, it beats GTA 5 in nearly every aspect other than online features. I have only had this game for one week so I can’t do a full review but I literally cannot stop playing it!