The mainstream media is nothing but a celebrity gossip and hype machine. They spend most of their time printing either fake news or non-news. Sometimes however hidden among all the celebrity gossip and bullshit they do report politics. Unfortunately their methods of reporting politics is to defend the Conservative government and attack all opposition to the Conservative government (the vast majority of the people.)

Jeremy Corbyn is opposition and unlike Tony Blair, Jeremy Corbyn at least appears to be genuine opposition as opposed to being the same thing re-branded as Tony Blair was.  The list of accusations made against Jeremy Corbyn is beginning to get ridiculous and look very silly. He has been accused of antisemitism, aiding terrorists, spying for Communists and even crushing a rabbit with a pogo stick.

Its pathetic, politically motivated attacks and lies from the pro internet censorship mainstream media. They’re silencing conservative opposition on social media and spreading this kind of bullshit at the same time. They’re calling social media users extremists and racists when they are a Party of extremists, racist peadophiles.

Why don’t they dig dirt on Theresa May? Because Theresa is a puppet. Just imagine what they media would find on Theresa May if they were to bother looking for something on her.

Losing police files, aiding in the cover up of the MPs peadophile scandal, war mongering, murder, extortion, benefit sanction deaths are to name but a few.

This is not journalism its politically and financially motivated propaganda and lies mixed with hate racism and extremism. Its designed break up people that all essentially want the same thing. Better living standards, education, peace and freedom.

The corporate media are not interested in such things instead they are promote wars, bank bailouts and austerity. The misguided, stupid, uneducated and fast asleep still believe this kind of bullshit, its a bit disturbing really.

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