I am beginning to hate this country which is a shame because I have always loved the scenery of it. Britain is beautiful in places the countryside is spectacular, the history interesting as fuck, the mythology is ancient as it gets and almost forgotten (schools are only interested in Greek and Roman mythology.) I don’t even mind the weather in fact I love the rain so why do I feel this hate growing towards the beautiful place that we live?

I hate the extortion, the high, confusing and numerous taxes and the tax system in general is ridiculous. I hate the laws, the police and justice system, they do not work in fact they protect psychopaths, peadophiles and rapists.  The government are a joke EVERY decision they make is based on money the system feeds the rich and oppresses and extorts the poor. I hate the media they could not tell the truth if the truth was to walk in a room with a sign on its head saying I AM THE TRUTH and a truth stick and proceeded to beat them while shouting I AM THE TRUTH. All they do is propagate and tell people what they should think. Love the Monarchs, respect the rich, obey, conform fuck that.

Do you know what I hate the most though, the masses! Man they are stupid. We fall for every lie they print, we react to every bit of shit they stir and (some) even get upset when they are confronted with facts!

UK are war mongers that is a fact, they kill women, children and men (because men are important as well) abroad for money and then tell us its for good reason and even claim to attempting to free the people we attack! And we (the vast majority of us at least) believe them because the Sun said it was true. I don’t believe a word they say it takes a special kind of STUPID to continue to believe proven liars that are only interested in representing their corporate and rich masters. The reason we believe them is because we are distracted, we are too busy watching the TV, working for fuck all and acting like their little meat puppets.

Thats why I am going to finish this posts like this FUCK the Tories, Fuck the Royals, Fuck the UK and fuck the willing ignorant. Free Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Libya from the hypocritical fascists that claim to be helping them. If you don’t like this post FUCK YOU TOO. Offended? Good.


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