Is the UK about to take steps towards legalizing cannabis? According to the Daily Star (the Daily Star is not a good source to get news from its about as reliable and trustworthy as Pinocchio with a crack habit) health retailer Holland and Barrett is now selling medicinal cannabis oil in its stores across Britain and its “flying off the shelves!” Full Story

There have been rumours that the British government are planning to legalize weed for months. On 1st October 2017 the independent reported “Britain is developing a weed café culture under the radar.” Fully Story @

If the British government are about to legalize weed; good, ITS ABOUT FUCKING TIME. In this world and time of child labour and trafficking, corporate exploitation and greed, political corruption, oil wars, poverty and mass murder for profit, tax evasion, vaccinations, ignorance and selfies to say smoking weed is illegal is ridiculous.

Legalize weed criminalize political corruption and corporate greed!

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