Poor Theresa May, poor Conservatives, poor politicians. Theresa May and many politicians are now fed up of being “abused” by people on social media. So much so that Theresa May is now desperate to sort the problem out once and for all with new¬†legislation. Theresa May like David Cameron before her has already made it clear that she hates the internet, social media and freedom of speech in general. Her plans of a government controlled internet as spoke about before her FAILED general election were border lining psychopathic.

What Theresa May and the Conservative party fail to recognize is the mainstream media is just as abusive as people on social media and the abusive ignorance of many of our politicians is causing poverty, homelessness and desperation.

Surely a benefit sanction is a form of abuse especially when the people being sanctioned are already poor in some cases ill and literally are left without enough money to eat or pay rent. Most of the time the abuse comes as a direct consequence to MPs abusing power its called democracy.

The government love democracy when people are silent unfortunately (for the government) the internet has given people a voice. The mainstream media has exposed itself as being nothing but a mouthpiece and many people have taken to social media to express their hatred of the government. Many politicians have received abuse online but so have many celebrities, pop stars, youtubers and ordinary people. The fact Theresa May believes the political elite are the only ones that need protecting from online abuse shows her ignorance and exposes paranoia and fear in her.

She is weak. The internet is scaring her. They have lost the argument so now they wish to censor the argument (even more than what they already do.)

The abuse she suffers from is a retaliation for the hatred and coldness she has shown, it comes from the people the Conservatives attack. Like the riots between the 6th and 11th of August 2011, this is people venting their frustrations and like the government did with the rioters (using ridiculously harsh prison punishments) the government are now looking for a way to scare people in to submission, fear is their weapon of choice.

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