The average salary in the UK since 1952 seems to have risen drastically

Unfortunately house prices have risen much faster making it hard for the working and lower classes to get on to the property ladder.

Another huge leap in the cost of living from 2008 to 2013.

I could show many graphs and charts that demonstrate the same thing and the fact that the cost of an house in the UK in the 1950s was not much different to the average yearly wage but now houses cost about eight times the average yearly wage should disturb people. If this trend continues only a very small amount of people living in the UK will be able to afford to buy an house in the UK.

I would like to see the average wage bill without the top 1% of earners (I can’t find it online.) High earners like football players, bankers, politicians, actors and celebrities, lawyers, Judges and so on are bulking up the average wage rate massively. I would like to bet removing the top 5% would send the average wage down to something like £12000 to £15000 per year.

What the government is creating is a nation of people unable to afford their own home’s. This is making people more dependent on the government and therefore giving the government more power and influence over people’s lives. The government exploit this power by forcing people in to low paid jobs. How many people get a job to to “get the jobcentre of their backs?” too many.

We are not their slaves in fact they had supposed to be public servants yet the only people they serve anything decent to is corporations and the rich and it is always paid for by the working and poorer classes.

I feel sorry for this generation its hard for them to get a decent job and affording their own houses is simply not possible for too many and I believe that if people do not stand up and fight it will continue to get worse. The idea of progress and our children having better lives than we had is dying under this government and way of living. If this continues our children will end up much worse off than we are as the progression in the improvement of lifestyles seen in the UK since the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s will begin to reverse and change in to a deterioration of lifestyles.

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