The Daily Mail sometimes known as the Daily Fail or Hate Mail have accused Virgin of censorship after Virgin trains stop selling its papers. Virgin Trains says it will stop selling Mail and stop giving it away in first-class, because paper is incompatible with its beliefs. The Daily Mail hit back at Virgin Trains, saying it was “disgraceful” that the company had announced it was “censoring the choice of newspapers it offers to passengers” when the taxpayer was being forced to bail out Virgin’s East Coast franchise.

What I find funny about this is the Daily Mail is pro censorship. They hate freedom of any kind but now they’re whining about having their own freedom of expression taken away.

The Daily Mail and its old fashioned audience are slowly dying and despite the fact that Virgin Trains have announced they only sell about 70 copies a day of the hate filled, pro Conservative, anti freedom tripe the move has upset the Daily Mail owners.

I think Virgin Trains and ALL travel companies should take it a step further and ban the Metro as well (same owners, same propaganda.) Nobody in the world would ever buy the Metro it is a useless propaganda filled load of shit that is so weak it has to be given away to people that use public transport across the UK. The poor use public transport much more than the rich yet like the Daily Mail the poor is who the Metro attack.

So the Daily Mail believe censorship is good and as written in the article below “there is nothing wrong with internet censorship” as long as they are not the ones being censored. What a bunch of patronizing, hypocritical wankers they are. Censor the pro censorship hypocrites maybe that way they will understand why censorship is wrong.

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