Everybody loves free stuff according to much of the fascist terrorist supporting, extremist mainstream media Jeremy Corbyn has actually based much of his campaign around offering people “free stuff” from a “magic money tree.” I wonder how many of these newspapers exposing Jeremy Corbyn and the “free stuff” he is going to be giving away were sold with “win a free holiday” or some other “free stuff” inside?

Like I said at the start everybody loves free stuff the trouble is NOTHING comes for free everything costs money and lots of it. Water, gas, electric, food, housing clothes its all expensive. But why? Does it need to be so expensive? The answer is NO it does not. Water falls from the sky free of charge and free of added chemicals yet we are charged over £200 a year for it. And collection of rainwater is regulated in the UK (and many states in the USA) they don’t want to to have it for free.

Food grows from the ground potatoes, vegetables and many fruits grow easily and in a abundance so why is it £2.00 for a large fries from McDonalds? A large fries in literally about two fairly big potatoes in other words about 5 pence worth of food. Even taking wages (which are usually low) and distribution in to account the profit margin is ridiculous.

The same pattern emerges EVERYWHERE. Tobacco, Alcohol, clothing, fuel all these things are very cheap yet we pay a fortune for them. The huge multinational corporations that are selling us these products pay a lame wage and a MUCH smaller percentage of tax than we pay.

Britain is not addicted to “free stuff” as “exposed by the telegraph (who offer 30 days free if you subscribe to their website) Britain is sick of being ripped off. The only people that get something for free in the United Kingdom are owners of multinational corporations, the government and millionaires. We (the people/tax payers) actually fund their free stuff.

The Sun use the headline Jeremy Corbyn’s election giveaway is a magic money tree blowing a £300bn black hole in Britain’s finances and costing families an extra £3,500 a year

Labour leader’s manifesto bribes would cost far more than even his eye-watering tax rises would raise.

What the Sun and all the mainstream media know and understand is Jeremy Corbyn does not need a magic money tree and the vast majority of families would not need to pay extra taxes! All Jeremy Corby needs to do is begin to extract money from different places, places that have loads but contribute nothing. Sound familiar? It should because owners of the Sun News corporation is one of them places.

How much tax do corporations and the super rich avoid paying every year? The answer is hundreds of billions. We don’t need a magic money tree we just need a slight redistribution of the wealth that the country possesses.