I love it when Americans asked what kind of English I speak. My answer is the kind that we speak in England, maybe if I put on twenty stone, chewed a double quarter pounder while talking and spoke out of my nose you might understand me a little better but fuck that.

I love when CRAZY people begin to threaten me because they did not like the video. It would be like me sending threats to Jeremy Clarkson because I think top gear and the Grand Tour is shit. Tbh though I am going to knock Jeremy Clarkson spark out if I ever see him, if your reading this Jeremy be warned!

I love it when businesses rip me or my family off, I love writing negative articles and including the businesses in my videos and then sending them an email of the video or blog or both if they are worth it. I then love reading their threats and lies as they try to insinuate that I am “breaking the law” or something.

Obviously there are many shit things about YouTube (well really there is only one its called Google) but YouTube is still my main source entertainment, its free to watch and it even brings me in a small income. But it is even more than that I have reached obscene much more than I ever thought possible.

YouTube was so good that even Google and their hate for freedom of speech and expression along with their greed, government and corporate friendly censorship have still not completely destroyed it. There is many good videos hidden in the deep dark depths of YouTube they are just much harder to find then what they used to be.



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