In 2006 when in opposition David Cameron said : “Bombs and missiles are bad ambassadors. They can build no democracies.” So why was he so desperate to attack Syria? You would think that David Cameron would be against British involvement in Syria, as he spends so much time talking about Britain’s deficit. The answer to why David Cameron wants involvement for British troops is simple, that is what the puppet masters wish to do, the lobbyists, the bankers and the oil companies. David Cameron has the job of trying to sell the war to the British public unfortunately for him the British public is waking up! After the wars with Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya ALL proved to be morally wrong and more like imperialist wars than a war on terror, the British people have finally spoke out and won, leaving David Cameron looking like a desperate weak man.

David Cameron did not take the defeat well as Labour sources say David Cameron accused Ed Miliband of ‘letting down America’ and ‘siding with Lavrov’ in an angry row before the Syria intervention vote in the House of Commons. In all fairness to David Cameron there are only so many shit products a salesman can sell before the people buying the shit wake up and realize its shit and so far David Cameron has sold the British people a war in Libya, benefit cuts for the sick, disabled and poor, cuts to public services, a rise in VAT, tax cuts for the rich, Workfare and many other stupid ideas and schemes, no wonder the British people are not buying this shit. David Cameron is a good salesman but he sells nothing but shit.

Former Lib Dem leader Paddy Ashdown described the result as “bad for Britain” and claims “Putin and Assad will be celebrating” he also said he is depressed and ashamed that he will now have to wake up and watch children burning on his television, Paddy Ashdown and the government are as usual completely missing the point on this, people are getting sick of wars for profit, lies and hypocrisy, some reports claim that over 1000 people could be dead due to chemical attacks by the Syrian government, although there is uncertainty on who carried out the attacks and even if it was the government that are responsible for the attacks missiles, bombs and guns are only going to kill more people and make things worse. Our government are telling us we can not afford to pay benefits to the sick and disabled and the NHS is to expensive to run, good news for David Cameron, Britain not getting involved in this war will save us millions/billions that can now be spent on looking after the sick and disabled who are suffering as a result of David Cameron’s so called war on benefit scroungers.

Looks like David Cameron, George Osborne and the rest of the Tory party will have to make do with murdering Badgers for now.

First Published 30/08/2013

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