I believe a 20 year study of the Daily Mail would demolish claims that reading it is harmless.

The terrible truth about cannabis: Expert’s devastating 20-year study finally demolishes claims that smoking pot is harmless

  • One in six teenagers who regularly smoke the drug become dependent
  • It doubles risk of developing psychotic disorders, including schizophrenia 
  • Heavy use in adolescence appears to impair intellectual development
  • Driving after smoking cannabis doubles risk of having a car crash 
  • Study’s author said: ‘If cannabis is not addictive then neither is heroin’ 

Pot lovers light up as Washington legalizes marijuana

Crooks growing cannabis are caught after neighbours notice all the snow had melted from their roof

  • House in Haarlem, Netherlands had snow free roof despite heavy snowfall
  • Police officers were suspicious as to why the snow had melted so quickly 
  • They raided house and discovered it was being used as a cannabis farm 
  • Dutch police are increasingly looking at snow-free roofs as possible evidence of a building being secretly used as a marijuana factory 
  • Locals are unhappy however, raising concerns that innocent families with a sauna in their loft conversion may also find themselves raided

Cannabis ‘kills 30,000 a year’

by JENNY HOPE, Daily Mail


Hyperactivity and aggression? Obviously who ever wrote this has never smoked Cannabis.

Smoking cannabis can lead to manic behaviour: Hyperactivity, aggression and delusion are all strongly linked with the drug, researchers warn

  • Scientists found a ‘significant link’ between marijuana and manic episodes
  • Mania includes symptoms such as depression, anger and aggression
  • Also includes hyperactivity, less need for sleep and feelings of elation 
  • In extremes, can cause people to become delusional and hear voices
  • Cannabis can make mania worse in people with bipolar disorder, they said


Reading the Daily Mail is known to have similar effects!

Smoking cannabis every day ‘warps your brain and shrinks grey matter’, scientists warn

  • Scientists at the universities of Texas and New Mexico found the drug does warp key structures in the brain
  • Regular use shrank ‘grey matter’ – the cells that process information
  • ‘White matter’ that connects different parts of the brain, grows to compensate but also breaks down impairing ability to react to information

Cannabis users ‘have lungs of 80-year-olds’: Doctors warn people are turning up at A&E with new form of emphysema after using drug for less than ten years

  • Many, who are just in their 30s, are in need of long-term oxygen therapy
  • One patient in Bangor, north Wales, is now awaiting a lung transplant
  • Cannabis-tobacco mix damaging because often smoked without filter
  • Emphysema normally caused by tobacco and usually occurs late in life

Teenagers who smoke cannabis daily are 60% less likely to finish school – and are more likely to commit suicide, experts warn

  • Study by University of New South Wales, Australia found that regular teenage cannabis users are seven times more likely to attempt suicide
  • They are eight times much more likely to use other drugs later on
  • Experts hope their research will be taken into account when considering whether it is a good idea to legalise the drug

Is this what would happen if cannabis was legal in Britain? Suicides, killings and toddlers in hospital with overdoses – TOM LEONARD visits Colorado, where marijuana has just been legalised

  • Peter Williams says he can make $1billion in three years growing the drug
  • Drug baron is trying to make his business into ‘McDonald’s of marijuana’
  • Since January 1, more than 200 dispensaries have been set up in Denver

The man killed by cannabis: 53-year-old died after four joint-a-day habit triggered fatal heart condition

  • John O’Brien, 53, died in September 2014 from ‘cannabis cardiotoxicity’
  • Coroner ruled marijuana caused a deadly drop in blood pressure
  • He had been smoking £25 worth of cannabis a week for 10 years 
  • Smoked to cope with the loss of job and relationship after a car crash
  • His grieving family are now warning of the dangers of the drug 

Abused, imprisoned Vietnamese slave away in UK’s cannabis farms – TRFN

Smoking skunk was scarier than war, says Jon Snow: News host explains how he felt ‘utterly bereft’ after taking drug as part of experiment to show effects on the brain

  • Channel 4 News host smoked strong cannabis for a scientific experiment
  • It was part of a programme to show effect of ‘skunk’ on the human brain
  • But he said taking the drug left him more terrified than any war zone 
  • Study also saw former MP Matthew Parris and BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond take part  

Both would mean people would be having too much fun!

Florida might have to choose between casino and marijuana

Marijuana is ‘significantly’ SAFER than thought: Cannabis is 114 times LESS deadly than alcohol, claims study

  • Results were based on estimating the typical human intake of each drug
  • Scientists then combined that figure with what constitutes a lethal dose
  • Alcohol was the deadliest drug, followed by heroin, cocaine and tobacco
  • Researchers had previously said it is almost impossible for people who smoke large amounts of cannabis to overdose on the drug
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