Britain is polluted, the air is dirty and somebody must pay, who are the government going to tax to help fight the pollution problem we face? Maybe they might tax the energy companies. They charge a fortune and make a fortune from polluting the environment. Perhaps they may go after the corporate superstores, Amazon and other companies that indirectly have a negative impact on the environment. Of course instead of the above the government are considering introducing a tax on takeaway food containers!

It sounds reasonable to some but I don’t believe it is. It’s penny pinching and parasitic they are doing it from all angles. Your cigarettes are heavily taxed as is your alcohol, food, petrol, gas, electric and now food packaging. And you can be guaranteed that it will impact small businesses more so than McDonalds, KFC and so on.

This is what the British government seem to do and even consider to be governing. They are not solving the problem, a tax on take away food containers will not even come close to solving the problem but it will make money and it can be easily justified to people under the pretense that they are actually acting in interest of the environment.

I believe there should only be ONE tax. All taxes should be rolled in to one income tax and nothing else. These small taxes left, right and center are making the system complicated, creating paper work and having no benefit on anything other than the governments pockets.


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