Nobody want’s his shit, pro conservative and austerity propaganda filled shit anymore.

Rupert Murdoch has said News Corp is not looking to expand its newspaper empire, conceding digital advertising “has been tremendously damaging to print” and some of his papers were struggling.

“So far I think we have done pretty well in replacing lost advertising revenue in the major papers, but it continues to be a big problem,” Murdoch told shareholders.

I think Rupert Mordoch is an highly confused individual. Digital advertising has not damaged his newspaper sales! I don’t even really understand what he even means by that comment! The internet was always going to have a negative impact on newspaper sales but its not just the internet that is destroying poor News corporation’s newspaper sales!

Has Rupert Murdoch ever considered the low quality excuse for journalism that his company use has also has a negative impact? If you want to read or watch a mind numbing concoction of celebrity gossip, sport, fake lives and lifestyles and a fake version of the news which is as politically motivated and fake as anything available online than news corporation and the bullshit they print and speak is ideal for you. As for anybody that wants to be kept up to date with real news, I always find Russia Today and Press TV much closer to the truth.

I am not saying Russia Today and Press TV are not politically motivated but they are much more interesting and realistic than Sky News, BBC News and all the rest of it.

I always think the best place to get information is your own mind. Listen to everybody yet listen to nobody if that makes sense.

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