I was recently told that I am boring and a loser! I know what you are thinking WOLVOMAN80 boring? Bullshit. A loser? WTF?

This person claimed that my life revolves around the Jobcentre and weed, this woman is a carer (and by carer I mean she helps a business called Kare Plus extort elderly that can afford to be extorted and ignores elderly people that can not afford to be extorted.)

So if my life revolves around the Jobcentre and weed her life revolves around fanny’s dick, assholes, shit and piss!

What I think this person fails to see or understand is; I do what I want to do when I want to do it and nobody orders me around like a whore. Despite this womans commitment to work she actually claims MUCH more benefits in than I claim. This is because she is a low paid unskilled, worker that ain’t worth shit. I don’t see it as much different to prostitution just lower paid. Shame the low cost of her wages are not felt by the elderly people she “cares” for.

Me I’m a stoner, whats worse? Who has a worse impact on the world? I don’t want a nice car, a personal trainer or a fake ass image. I don’t have to waste a fortune on painting a mask on my face. I just chill smoke weed and train as often as I can. You got an issue get yourself a tissue and fuck off please.