So many people claim to be awake but what is “being awake?”

Over the last fifteen years the government have been well and truly exposed by the internet, people nowadays have easy access to much more information than they ever did before. This information has been an embarrassment to many governments and “high ranking” members of society. It is undeniable that people are armed with much better information than ever before so why are things only getting worse?

Knowing the world is fucked and the government are corrupt is not necessarily being awake! To be awake is know that the answer is you! There is literally no point whatsoever in knowing only to carry on the same as before.

I always find it shocking how people have access to the information but don’t use it or allow to change their lives at all.

I believe if you are not fighting them you are or might as well be asleep!

To be awake is to understand that we can change the world we can’t make it perfect but we can at least try and make it much fairer. I believe it is our responsibility to fight for people less fortunate and worse effected by our system. To overlook the extortion, thievery and greed happening on a huge scale in front of our faces because it allows us to pay less for clothes and technology is no different to stealing and extorting people yourself.

To be awake is to not be impressed by logos and hype to see past the image that corporations present and see the for what they are. Which is obviously tax avoiding, thieving, extortionist, parasites that only care about profit.


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