It was recently my kids birthday and I decided I was going to buy them a couple of games for the PS4. The trouble that I found was that PS4 games don’t tend to be suitable for young children so I decided to check out PS store for some classic games. There was plenty of choice for my son but most were not suitable for girls. Thats when I noticed PS NOW!

For those that don’t know (like me until the other day) PS NOW allows PS4 users to stream a decent choice of classic and new games for £12.99 a month. Brilliant idea and not too expensive but it has a major flaw, it crashes CONSTANTLY (despite a test connection from Sony that shown my broadband speed was sufficient.

I had my Playstation running wireless so I spend all this morning rearranging my room to allow me to have a wired connection it makes no difference at all. Lucky enough this is just a one week free trail which I will be canceling.

Sony claim that only 5 mb broadband will run it my connection tests are showing I am getting 12 mb and I am still having problems with it.

I will definitely come back to PS NOW and check it out again but until Sony solve the crashing problem PS NOW is going to be more frustrating than fun.

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