How did we end up with a government that are so disconnected from real people and real life? The answer is surprisingly simple we were distracting. We were watching TV, following our local (foreign owned and foreign filled) football team, working, raising families and dealing with real life. The system assures that we work for only our own interest and the interest of the government as opposed to working for the interest of each other. I honestly see NO POINT whatsoever in a government if we have to rely on foodbank charities and donations from people. Surely this should be a sign to the masses that the system is failing people, the system takes from and extorts the poor to feed the rich.

The government supposed to be paid and exist to help solve problems yet they’re causing problems, the people are the ones at least trying to solves the problems with donations and charity but I believe the people are fighting a losing battle.

The government don’t even attempt to solve problems they attempt to enslave us, get a job pay us tax problem solved. We in the UK are extorted the Conservatives are tight, money obsessed parasitic, thieves. Why? Much the same reason a heroin addict can be a tight, money obsessed thief, they have expensive habits to pay for.

Their breakfasts cost as much as our weekly shops, their cars costs as much as our houses, a bottle of their wine costs as much as a pallet of our wine. Their Caviar munching, champagne sipping lifestyles are expensive somebody has to pay for it. We pay for it!

How can the rich afford to pay tax when the maintenance bill historic properties is so high? Just getting their places warm must take as much energy as five streets.

If the system was not set up the way that it is these people would run out of money. The system has been designed to assure that does not happen, we fund them.


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