I don’t like using the word hate too much but when it comes to Google I FUCKING HATE THEM. Why? Because they are scam artist, control freak, elitist puppets. Google is so blatantly sponsored by the government and powerful and used to oppress anybody with their own mind.

Last night I upload a video on to YouTube, after eight hours it had 29 views and the view count completely stopped moving. I was pissed off because I have over 26000 subs (not bragging stating a fact) I would have expected a few hundred views at least.

Unfortunately for me I made a little bit of a rant a few years ago (on a video that received nearly hundred thousand views and many more on the many reposts as I gave away free downloads.)

In this rant I called Sergey Brin and Larry page inbreed looking, greedy parasites and called for them to stop government and corporate friendly manipulation of the internet…. Probably a bad idea (for my career as a YouTuber) to call those disgusting, inbreed looking, parasites, disgusting inbreed looking parasites (if you follow.)

I removed my video and reuploaded it this morning it is now stuck on 18 views and Google (as shown in many previous posts) have spent the last few months disabling advertiser revenue on my videos because they are “not advertiser friendly” but they still advertise on Frankie Boyle, Eminem, Biggie Smalls and so on. I might be saying some crazy shit but nothing compared to what they say.

Many of my videos are not allowed to make money.

I would be down and pissed off about these setbacks but Google is dying. What has Google ever created? FUCK ALL. They simple bought ideas and oppressed and destroyed them.

They oppress real people talking real shit and promote corporate propaganda and bullshit, there is nothing to like about Google.

I believe Google and Facebook are slowly dying but still desperately trying to cling to life Google have began to enter the smartphone industry and Facebook are giving false stats to hide lower usage (I believe based on activity of my friends on Facebook.)

I would like God to put a curse on Facebook and Google may everything they touch turn to worthless shit and may they repeatedly fail in their quest to destroy freedom of any kind.

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