I know what you are thinking! Everybody is being “censored and oppressed by Google” at least they think they are but I can prove much of what I say with a collection of screen shots like the screen shots below that shows that many of my videos are “not advertiser friendly.”

Some like the ones below have NO explanation as to why I am allowed to advertise on them.

I was watching Frankie Boyle the other day (he has to be my favorite comedian he is funny as fuck.) I was watching it on YouTube with adverts located every fifteen minutes. He starts joking about the possibility Members of Parliament are hiding children in a basement and the ridiculous animal like noises that politicians make are merely attempts to cover up the children screaming!

That is Advertiser friendly.

Eminem tunes in which he rapes his mom and kills his girlfriend.

That is advertiser friendly.

Nikki Manaj Repeatably calling somebody a stupid Hoe.

That is advertiser friendly.

Alex Jones and Mark Dice’s pro Trump rants are advertiser friendly.

I am not. WTF? Where do I go wrong? Is it because I criticize Google, the parasites of the Internet a giant Pacman like creature that devours everything in sight? First Google refused to pay me because I used news clips (so I stopped using them,) then because I used copy-written music (so I made my own music) now because I am “not advertiser friendly.” I get the feeling Google just don’t want to pay me, In their own words and stats they owed me 12000 USD until it just cleared and reset to zero without me ever receiving a payment!

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