I moved from poverty stricken Wolverhampton to lovely posh Church Stretton. I hated it!

I was born around Wolverhampton and Wolverhampton has always had high levels of homeless people and poverty in general. After spending over thirty years of my life witnessing many homeless people and poverty it starts to become and feel normal. I than moved to a place called Church Stretton and this came as a culture shock to me!

From poverty stricken (for the most part) Wolverhampton to a posh upper class place like Church Stretton.  Lonely Planet guide branded Wolverhampton the fifth worst city on the globe.

It even ranked alongside poverty-stricken slums in El Salvador and Ghana and saw off ‘competition’ from Chennai in India.

Church Stretton on the other hand is a lovely place a place of natural beauty and obscene wealth. A huge difference in lifestyles and wealth yet only about 40 miles apart.

I was angered by the ignorance of the people in Church Stretton as they protested, fought and won the right to keep their swimming baths and library open. These people voted for the cuts (Church Stretton is under Ludlow constituency which is a Conservative safe seat)  but they don’t want the cuts for Church Stretton just the cities.

I began to HATE Church Stretton, the youth are spoiled beyond belief and live in luxury unlike so many young people in Wolverhampton. They live in High Rise flats and high crime and poverty areas as their parents struggle to pay rent which is some rich bastards mortgage on a property that the owner would never want to live in himself..

But to the people of Wolves and other cities I say this; Fuck these ignorant parasites in rural England they got the money but no sense. Their sheltered lives make them ignorant to point of stupid and they don’t even see it.

They are racist, small minded, fools that have no idea how bad the cites are.

It always comes down to this question for me; What kind of Conservative voter are you? A selfish one or a stupid one Church Stretton is full of selfish ones.

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