If a government prevent us from living off the land live off the government.

I don’t work, I hate work. You could call me a lazy work shy stoner but I prefer the term a lover of real freedom. The way I look at it is you can’t be free if you are a slave. The establishment have been using us as slaves for hundreds of years and the system is rigged to assure that it stays that way. They attack us with drug laws, tax laws and prevent us from being able to from the land. Its so bad that many states in the USA have laws that even prevent the collection of rainwater. The UK also has laws that limited the amount of rainwater that we can collect!

Apparently the government/corporations own water and we are 75% water so they must own us.

I don’t mind if people want to work carry on but what bothers me is the judgment people that don’t work receive from these drones. They have a kind of “I’m a slave so you should be a slave” mentality to them.

These are the people that allow the governments and corporations of the world to act as the parasites they are. They are willing slaves willing to enslave themselves and the rest of us.

You are free to be a slave.

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