@ausbitbank (a fake ass anarchist) don’t get upset when I criticize Steemit just because you made money from it.

This one is dedicated to a steemit loving (capitalistic as fuck) fake ass anarchist that calls himself @ausbitbank. I recently write a blog (a few blogs) explaining that Steemit is shit and censored. I receive backlash from a certain group of people when I do this, Steemit lovers deluded and desperate to believe that Steemit is decentralized and uncensored.

After reading my blog @ausbitbank he leaves me this comment; So “steemshit is censored” because you lost followers? You just lost another..

Do you think I give a fuck about a fake ass “I made 33000 USD on Steemit so I’m alright Jack” anarchist wearing his V for vendetta mask? Well I don’t. So bye bye please and don’t come back.

This “anarchist” that loves ultra capitalistic Steemit seems to believe because he has done OK with Steemit that everybody should shut up and stop pointing out the fucking obvious. He is a rep 71 and as I have stated in many blogs anybody with a rep above 70 is getting paid. This is due to the fact that Steemit has simply pyramided the profit system.  As is anybody that kisses the whales asses but I don’t do that shit as you can probably tell.

I have done better than I ever expected to do from Steemit but I can see lots of people are not making shit yet people like @ausbitbank, this is because the minnows are carrying the whales and the whales are taking all the profit.

Many of these people come to Steemit because of the oppression and censorship on Facebook, YouTube and other social media but I guess oppression and censorship are cool with many of these people as long as they are getting paid.


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