Support me on Patreon? You can’t because my Patreon page appears to be broke!

I’m sure that every company that I deal with on-line are just trying to make it as hard as they can for me to make money. I set up a Patreon account a few months ago giving people a chance to support my work. I come back to it a few months later and there were no supporters. I put a link under every blog I have taking them to my Patreon page. It was working when I checked it but now its not. So for God only knows how long my Patron page has not been working. Have Patreon shut it down? They must have done as the rest of their site is fully functional.

I had a similar experience with PayPal not long back and then again recently. I was selling DVDs from my site, I was getting loads of hits but no sales. One day I just happened to attempt to purchase one only for PayPal to inform me that “the sellers account has been blocked.”

I instantly contact PayPal to see what is happening they inform me that my account was closed due to a debt, the debt was one pence! The one pence I had to transfer to my bank to prove my identity and connect my bank to it.

The other day again on my DVD page I click the buy now button, the button is broke making it impossible for people to order from me.

These parasites could be costing me a fortune between them but I will probably never know. My Patreon address is

When I try to load my Patron page that I have not accessed for well over six months I see the screenshot below. The page does not ever load and just carries trying to load for as long as I left it which was about 15 minutes.


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